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About Us

Magic Stone Alternative ("MSA") is an independent, fully integrated asset management firm.MSA specializes in TMT and healthcare investments in China and the United States across all equity stages.MSA maintains a market-leading platform with strong origination, superior proprietary research systems, and institutional-quality due diligence and execution.

Origin of our name:

Our name is derived from the stories of Han Feizi, who was one of the most influential Chinese political philosophers of the Warring States period. He spoke of a rare gem as a metaphor for remarkable wisdom, which was not initially understood or appreciated by the world at large. Magic Stone Alternative seeks to provide its investors with fresh, independent thinking, which is not driven by the consensus of the crowd. We provide long-term value added guidance and exceptional returns for our partners.


To identify fund and mentor companies, which seek to improve our world, develop new economies, and disrupt existing industries and processes.